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  • できれば星10個。最終製品が美しいだけでなく、 カスタマーサービスも素晴らしい経験でした。

Diana Haber

できれば星10個。最終製品が美しいだけでなく、 カスタマーサービスも素晴らしい経験でした。

(Google レビューより・翻訳DeepL)

10 stars if possible. Not only do we have a beautiful end product, but we had a beautiful experience with their customer service. Beena held our hands and was ever so patient in the process of us ordering our memorial diamond. It was surprisingly difficult emotionally to send our dogs ashes in the mail, so despite really wanting to memorialize her in this way we dragged our feet for a while. Beena seemed to understand. I really was blow away by how tactful yet informative she was. A note that EverDear actually made my diamond larger than what I’d initially ordered, which for me was a lovely surprise. But if I’d pre-designed the setting based on the stone I thought I was getting it wouldn’t have worked out, luckily I procrastinate on everything. Including this review which was a long time in coming, I’d had the diamond made in 2019. I’m only designing the setting now and realized I owed their company some praise and thanks. I will use the service again without hesitation, it was also competitively priced. A side note that the packaging is really next level, very impressive.