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  • とてもきれいで、いつもネックレスにつけています。 毎日、愛犬のことを思い出しながら、幸せな気分で過ごしています。

Michael Müller

とてもきれいで、いつもネックレスにつけています。 毎日、愛犬のことを思い出しながら、幸せな気分で過ごしています。

(Google レビューより・翻訳DeepL)

I am so happy I found EverDear. After my beloved dog passed away and got cremated I wanted to keep something special of my dear dog with me all times. I decided to send the ashes of my dog to EverDear. I must say, they were very helpful, professional and after some month (thats what it takes for the diamond to “grow”) I received the most beautiful diamond – I cant beleive that my dear dog became a diamond. It is so beautiful and I wear it on a necklace all times. It makes me think of her every day in an happy way. Everything with EverDear went smoothly – even though I live in Europe. Customs were no problem at all. Thank you EverDear!